Helpful information for your stay at Phi-Phi Hotel And Beach Resort

By the Beach

  • Beach swimming with lifeguard on-duty is from 7:00am to 6:00pm only.
  • Always listen to the instruction of our lifeguard.
  • Absolutely no swimming during rough seas.
  • Person under the influence of alcohol is not permitted to swim.
  • Children must always be accompanied by adult or guardian.
  • It is always best to swim with a companion. Do not go beyond the designated float line.
  • Please keep our beach free of litters.Keep it clean so others can also enjoy.
  • Bonfire activity at the beach must be coordinated first to the front desk office.
  • Bringing in of breakable glass/bottle is not allowed at the beach area.

By the Pool

  • Please take a shower before entering the pool.
  • Wear appropriate swim suit.Wearing of t-shirt is not allowed.
  • Bathers with communicable diseases and open cuts are not allowed to use the pool.
  • No spitting, spouting water, blowing nose and urinating in swimming pool.
  • No boisterous or rough play in pool, runways, and platforms.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the pool area.
  • Pool swimming with lifeguard on-duty is from 6:00 am to 12:00 mn only.
  • Always keep our pools safe and clean.


  • Videoke unit can be rented exclusive to your group at p1,500.00 for overnight guests. However, use of the unit has a cut-off time from 8:00am and not going beyond 1:00am.Management reserves the right to control/tone down excessive volume of the unit so as not to cause disturbance to other guests.
  • Kayak rates
    • PHP250–30 minutes | PHP400–1 hour
  • Banquet hall (maximum dine seat capacity of 200 pax)
  • Pavilion (maximum dine seat capacity of 300 pax)
  • Conference room (maximum capacity of 50 pax)
  • Includes use of audio/visual equipment and air conditioning unit at p5,000 for 8 hours
  • Function hall (up to 150 maximum capacity)
    Includes use of audio/visual equipment and air conditioning unit at P5,000 for 8 hours
  • Convention halls (up to 300 pax capacity)
    Includes use of audio/visual equipment and air conditioning unit at P5,000 for 8 hours
  • Pawikan conservation center + snorkeling tour by motorboat
    10 pax minimum, 15 pax maximum/tour
  • Beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis, obstacle course, kid’s playground are free of charge.


  • Please give our housekeeping staff a lead time of at least 5 minutes to check the room prior to your check-out time. This will ensure that we can also check if you have belongings left in the room.
  • Kindly settle your bill and surrender room key at the front desk office a little ahead of your check-out time if necessary.
  • Lost/unfound room key will be charged PHP500.00
  • Don’t forget to have your copy of the guest folio readily accessible when leaving the resort premise.This will serve as your gate pass and as clearance to exit the resort upon passing the guard’s post.


Other information you may want to know

  • There’s no available Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Morong, Bataan. Kindly check your cash requirements before heading off to the resort.The nearest ATM location can be found in SBMA (Subic Freeportzone).
  • The resort is 30 minutes drive from SBMA (Subic) where you can find malls (SM and Ayala’s Harbor Point), duty-free shops, hospitals, and other attractions like Zoobic Safari, Tree Top Adventure, etc.
  • Mount Samat’s Dambana ng Kagitingan on the other hand is about an hour drive from the resort, and 30 more minutes drive to Bataan provincial capital- Balanga City.
  • Morong is a small, sleepy town and does not have much of a convenience like in the city or other places.Some grocery items or particular brand of a product is hard to find here.If you’re a bit meticulous about it, it would be better for you to put such items on your what-to-bring list.


Interesting places to visit when you’re here in Morong are:

  • Bataan Technological Park (Formerly Philippine Refugee Processing Center)
  • The 400-year Old Coral Stone Church of Our Lady of the Pillar
  • Pawikan Conservation Center
  • Kanawan’s Hanging Bridge


For Big Groups/Corporations

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